Revolutionary Marxists of Azerbaijan statement

We share the Revolutionary Marxists of Azerbaijan statement concerning the awakening of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. They are not able to do so since the websites in Azerbaijan have been closed and protesters are getting imprisoned.

Hundred year old conflict escalated in 1988 again. After the collopse of Soviet Union, the war started between Nagorna-Karabakh units; Armenia and Azerbaijan. The ensuing war ended in 1994 by the Armenian side taking control of the Nagorno-Karabakh and neighboring territories of Azerbaijan. The war was witnessed alongside massacres, war crimes and etc. Nearly seven hundred thousand of Azerbaijani people became refugees. Karabakh dispute deteriorated repeatedly during the last decades, but this time the conflict reached to its the worst form. Hundreds of soldiers (also civilians) have been killed on each side.
We should say that “The main enemy is at Home”. Neither Armenian nor Azerbaijani bourgeoisie are capable of solving the problem and they do not even seek for the solution. All burden of war is loaded on the back of working class. People on both sides have been suffering from enough of war, economic recession, political repression. Both goverments use a nationalist, chauvinist rhetoric to manipulate the people. But we should know that enemy is not Armenian or Azerbaijani people. Our enemy are the goverments and ruler classes who have been usurped all people’s recources for their benefit for three decades.
They have been destroying all access to freedom and law, our natural enviroment, culture and history. They have occupied mineral recources, natural sights for their own good.
We demand immediate peace, we demand to stop the war.
Also as NATO member Turkey and reactionary neighbor Russia are interested in the conflict closely. “Neither Russia nor NATO” slogan represents our point of view in this situation. The involvement of NATO to any disagreement in Caucasus must not be a matter of discussion. We must fight against the desire of entering to Caucasus of imperialism and NATO. We must do our best to frustrate all effort of interference of Russia which is capitalist and exploiting state of region. We must do our best to prevent it.

We have solution to the conflict. We must establish Caucasus Socialist

Revolutionary marxists of Azerbajan


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